The Women of the Golden Dawn (Mary K.Greer)

The Women of the Golden Dawn (Mary K.Greer)

The Women of the Golden Dawn (Mary K.Greer)
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'The Women of the Golden Dawn' (Mary K Greer)

From the author:

"A biography of women who changed the world 100 years ago.
Four women -- Irish revolutionary Maud Gonne, artist and psychic Moina Bergson Mathers, theatrical producer Annie Horniman, and actress Florence Farr -- formed the heart and soul of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, meeting in the 1890s to practice magic and to work toward spiritual growth. They then used their magic to change the politics, literature and theatre of their time, heralding a "new age" and "a new woman." I was first drawn to the Golden Dawn women through their work with Tarot. Gaining access to rare books, private collections, and original letters and journals, I spent six years in research and writing. My whole life, it seems -- as a college professor and director of women's studies, a Literature and Theatre major, and tarot reader, priestess and astrologer -- was a preparation for this exhilarating task of reclaiming our magical foremothers. With what I learned from their lives I gleaned twelve self-empowering principles that we can effectively use to achieve our own personal goals. Community Endeavor wrote that this book "can be read as an elegant novel, a woman's history and feminist source book, or an introduction to the magical arts." This is exactly what I had hoped to accomplish".

Expertly researched and written, a superb investigation into the lives and practices of the women of (that magical society) the Golden Dawn, founded in 1888.

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