Herkimers Diamond

Herkimers Diamond

Herkimers Diamond
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Beautiful high grade and naturally formed Herkimers Diamond set in an appropriate 925 silver spiral design. 

Herkimers Diamonds enhance meditations and relaxation, as well as heightening the creative and intuitive faculties.  

Herkimers Diamonds amplify the energy of other crystals and are especially good when used with other high vibration crystals, most notably Moldavite. It is best to use Boji Stones after use to ground, re-align and re-centre yourself, elimating any 'daydreaminess` you may experience after use.

The use of Herkimer`s Diamonds, Moldavite and Boji Stones together is highly recommended, though note they are highly transformative and cleansing. Together they are often referred to as the 'Mystical Triad'.







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