The Venus of Willendorf

The Venus of Willendorf

The Venus of Willendorf
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The `'Venus of Willendorf' is the oldest known statue of the female form, the carving was discovered in Austria close to the village of Willendorf (which it is aptly named after). The figure is estimated to be approximately 25,000 years old and scholars believe that it was carved in the image of the female form as a symbol of fertility, motherhood and alluding to what we would now call the 'archetypal female'. It is after these traits that the Willendorf gains the other name in her title: Venus, after the Roman Goddess of love, romance and fertility.

The statue was found with the extremely unusual crystal meteorite 'Moldavite', some of which were fashioned into amulets indicating that the Willendorf was held in spiritual, ritualistic and magical regard and highly valued by its creators.

Our Venus is a superb, hand sculpted, fair trade reproduction

Stands approx. 7cms

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