Chakra Buddha (Cabochon)

Chakra Buddha (Cabochon)

Chakra Buddha (Cabochon)
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Hand made solid 925 silver Chakra Buddha pendant set with high quality gemstone cabochons.

Each crystal colour represents a different chakra:

Red : Root Chakra : Garnet : Earth connection

Orange : Navel Chakra : Carnelian : Healing emotions & linking to intuition

Yellow : Solar Plexus Chakra : Citrine : Willpower

Green : Heart Chakra : Perdiot : Love, compassion, forgiveness

Blue : Throat Chakra : Iolite : Communication, expression

Indigo : Third Eye Chakra : Amethyst : Visualisation, mind`s eye, spiritual sight, intuition

White/Violet : Crown Chakra : Rainbow Moonstone : Connection to spirit




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