Chakra, Eastern Spirituality & Symbolic

Chakra, Eastern Spirituality & Symbolic

Chakra, Eastern Spirituality & Symbolic

Our beautiful Chakra jewellery is inspired by the ancient Chakra teachings of the East, which teach that each person has seven Chakras within their body & aura (energy field) and that a person can promote health, happiness & vitality by wearing each of the 7 gemstones relating to each Chakra. Keeping the seven Chakra crystals on ourselves in this way is a great way to work with our chakra's and healing crystals daily as well as when we want to use them for meditation and healing. 

The 7 Chakra meanings are: 

Sahasrara: Located at the top of the head: Colour: White/Violet/Gold : Connection to spirituality, spiritual development, spirit Guides, spirit world : Gemstone: Amethyst.

Anja: Colour: Indigo/Purple: Located at the centre of the forehead: Clairvoyance, intuition, visualisation, spirituality. Gemstone: Iolite.

Vishuddha: Colour Blue: Located at the throat: Expression, creativity communication : Gemstone: Topaz.

Anahata: Colour Green: Located at the heart: Love, self love, love for others, compassion, forgiveness: Peridot.

Manipura Chakra: Colour Yellow: Located at the solar plexus: Willpower, action, creation: Citrine.

Svadisthana: Colour Orange: Creating & maintaining emotional bonds, freindships & relationships, emotional healing, the unconscious mind: Carnelian.

Muladhara: Colour Red: Energy, passion, sex, instincts, connection to earth, groundedness, the place where energy enters the aura to be utilised by the body, aura and chakra points Garnet.

Wearing each of these crystals helps to balance each Chakra & our aura,  promoting harmony and equilibrium within our mind, body and spirit. Great for use during any kind of healing & complemntary therapies such as Reiki, homeopathy, massage, aromatherapy, etc.


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Amber Triquetra
Hand made, sterling silver, unique Baltic Amber Triquetra pendant. ..
Ex Tax: £21.00
Amethyst Ankh
Sterling Silver Ankh pendant set with an AAA quality Amethyst crystal in the top loop of the pend..
Ex Tax: £24.00
Amethyst Caduceus
A Sterling Silver Caduceus wand pendant set with an Amethyst crystal. The Caduceus is the healing..
Ex Tax: £29.99
Amethyst Goddess
AAA quality Amethyst Goddess pendant ..
Ex Tax: £27.00
Amethyst Heart
High quality Amethyst heart pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver ..
Ex Tax: £21.00
Amethyst Ohm Pendant
Amethyst Ohm Pendant. Sterling Silver, small size, high quality and unique. ..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Angel Pendant
Beautiful, highly detailed 925 Sterling Silver Angel pendant. ..
Ex Tax: £15.00
Chakra Bracelet
Our chakra bracelet features highest quality crystals to create a beautiful piece of unqiue gemst..
Ex Tax: £5.50
Chakra Buddha (Cabochon)
Hand made solid 925 silver Chakra Buddha pendant set with high quality gemstone cabochons. Ea..
Ex Tax: £49.99
Chakra Caduceus (gold plated)
Hand made 925 silver and gold plated Caduceus chakra pendant. Featuring seven highest quality, fa..
Ex Tax: £82.00
Chakra Flame
Beautiful handmade chakra flame pendant set in 925 silver with highest quality chakra gemstones. ..
Ex Tax: £30.00
Chakra Flower of Life
Our popular `Chakra Spiral Mandala` Pendant is a beautiful and intricately weaved 925 s..
Ex Tax: £60.00
Chakra Vial
Chakra gemstone vial pendant set in 925 sterling silver ..
Ex Tax: £15.00
Clear Quartz Mudras (w/ Amethyst)
Highest quality quartz crystal, Amethyst and 925 silver are used to create our beautiful crystal ..
Ex Tax: £28.50
Dancing Shiva
Sterling Silver, hand made, highly detailed dancing Shiva pendant. Beautiful! ..
Ex Tax: £26.50
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Sterling 925 silver Dreamcatcher pendant with a turquoise crystal set at its centre. Superbl..
Ex Tax: £7.99
Garnet Ohm Pendant
Sterling Silver Red Garnet Ohm pendant. Small size. ..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Hexagram (Unicursal)
Hexagram (Unicursal) hand made in sterling Silver. The Hexaagram is believed to represent the bal..
Ex Tax: £16.50
Hexagram with Moonstone
Sterling 925 silver Hexagram pendant with a high quality Rainbow Moonstone crystal set at th..
Ex Tax: £25.00
Lotus Feet
Each Sterling Silver hand-made Lotus Feet Pendant comes with an explanation of its meaning. M..
Ex Tax: £40.00

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