Protection Crystals

Protection Crystals

Protection Crystals

These crystals can be worn or used in a crystal layout for protection and healing. Each are reknown for their protective and guarding qualities and all are created from high quality crystals and 925 Silver. 

Black Tourmaline: Banishes and deflects all types of negativity, psychic, physical and environmental. Helps to ground nervousness and tension, instilling confidence. Can be worn around negative people, places or situations to protect you and to maintain healthy levels of energy. It is reputed to be good for people who feel stressed out by electro-magnetic smog in their home or work environment. A superb protector. Helps treat headaches. 

Tigers Eye: Imparts energy, confidence and tenacity to the wearer, great for grounding nervousness, anxiety and tension. This crystal supports and enhances willpower and assists you to see a course of action or study through to completion. Stone of action & positivity.

Rainbow Moonstone: Creates a field of protective energy around your aura (energy field), this crystal works very well for sensitive people or those working in the health industry who find themselves affected by the negative energies around them. Facilitates spiritual connections.

Amethyst: Psychic Protection: Protects and balances psychically, instilling peace and calm, assists meditation, visualisation and amplifies the aura. A good sleep aid.

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Triple Moon Goddess
Triple Moon Goddess pendant created with 925 silver and AAA grade Rainbow Moonstone.   ..
Ex Tax: £29.50
Triple Moon Pentacle
Large Triple Moon Pentacle pendant set with faceted Amethyst crystals. Sterling silver displa..
Ex Tax: £95.50
Wolf Heart Pendant
Unique Sterling Silver wolf heart pendant. ..
Ex Tax: £30.00

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