Moldavite crystals are an extremely rare and exclusive type of meteroite distinct from the common meteroites found regularly.

There is nothing else on earth like Moldavite, nor has anything like it been found since it initially showered down to earth from out of space 15 million years ago. Making it completely extra-terrestrial & very rare, rarer than diamonds in fact.

Moldavite is largely found in the Czech Republic and has been utilised by man for many years. Working their way into daily life and imagination as clothing accessories, decorations & ornaments particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as into myth, magic and legend. Where Moldavite has been reputed to have healing, cleansing & purifying effects on people, animals and places. It has often been linked to the Holy Grail, Arthurian legends, Atlantis, Astrology and some Moldavite crystals were even found buried with the now famous Venus of Willendorf statue which dated to some 25,000 years ago!

Moldavite crystals are extremely rare, which is why ours are accompanied by a certifcate of authenticity. Quality assured.

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Moldavite & Amethyst Pendant
Beautiful three crystal Moldavite & Amethyst faceted pendant. Deep Green Moldavite crysta..
Ex Tax: £82.00
Moldavite Dowsing Pendulum
An A Grade clear Quartz crystal point set in silver with Moldavite crystals inside a clear g..
Ex Tax: £30.00
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Moldavite Dragon (RARE!)
An extremely rare, one off carving, handmade and intricately detailed. This is an amazing and uni..
Ex Tax: £142.00

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